Draftee Information

Each season, the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club participates in the annual 15-Round OHL Priority Selection, which takes place in early April. In addition, the club also participates in the annual 5-Round OHL U-18 Draft, which takes place a week after the OHL Priority Selection.

All players, who are properly registered and playing for an Ontario-based Minor Midget AAA hockey team, Minor Midget-aged players properly registered and playing in the GNML and those players playing on teams in the NOHA who participate in Minor Midget tournaments are automatically deemed eligible to be claimed in the OHL Priority Selection process.

In addition, any player eligible to play in the Ontario Hockey League according to Hockey Canada or USA Hockey regulations, inc. players residing in the following states may eligible for selection in the OHL Priority Selection process:

The U.S. states of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia & Wisconsin.

All players playing for an Ontario-based Major Midget AAA hockey team are automatically deemed eligible for the OHL U-18 Draft.

If you are interested in being selected by the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club in either selection, and would like to submit your personal contact information to the Hockey Operations personnel, you may do so by completing the below Form & Questionnaire.

67s-logo-mini 1. Draftee Personal Contact Information:

67s-logo-mini 2. Draftee Self-Evaluation & Communication Questionnaire:

Questionnaire Link:

Please note that both of the aforementioned form & questionnaire are optional for completion.
All personal information is kept confidential, and will only be accessible by official Ottawa 67’s Hockey Operations personnel.

During a player’s OHL career it is the responsibility of the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club to provide an environment with proper resources and instruction for players to reach their potential, both on and off the ice.

It is the players’ responsibility to be dedicated, disciplined and committed to working hard in order to achieve their goals.

During your time in Ottawa you will be provided with the following player’s benefits:

67s-logo-mini Equipment and Apparel:

All playing equipment is provided and covered by the team.
The Ottawa 67’s use CCM apparel in 2017 – 18.

67s-logo-mini Expense Program:

All players participate in an expense program and are eligible for off-season training allowance.
In-season expenses may be as high as $900.00 CAD per overage-player; or $470.00 CAD for all other players. Each player may receive up-to $1,000 CAD as an off-season training allowance.

67s-logo-mini Travel & Transportation:

The hockey club travels on Ottawa 67’s Coach Bus (for road games), operated by Leduc Bus Lines Ltd.

67s-logo-mini Dental and Medical Coverage:

The team covers all reasonable dental and medical fees incurred by players during their tenure as a member of the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club.

67s-logo-mini Disability Insurance Policy:

All players will be reimbursed for an additional personal Disability Insurance Policy for a value of up to $500.00 CAD per player, per annum.

67s-logo-mini Ottawa 67’s Game Tickets:

Each player is eligible to receive two tickets to every Ottawa 67’s home game (inc. playoffs) & one ticket to every road game.

67s-logo-mini Skill Development:

Players have the opportunity to skate in the morning (unless there is a school conflict). Weekday practice times are held after classes end to ensure that the players miss as little school as possible. Weekend practices are held Saturday mornings. Ice time is available before and after practices for players to work on individual skills.

67s-logo-mini Video:

Daily video sessions will be conducted; including one-on-one video sessions. All players will have access to full game footage & highlights of their individual shifts via the Pointstreak Performance platform within an hour of the completion of the game.

67s-logo-mini Tutoring Program:

All 67’s players are able to participate in 1-on-1 or group tutoring sessions through Sylvan Learning. All associated costs are covered by the Ottawa 67’s. Tutors typically spend 60 – 90 minutes weekly, dependent on player requirements, at the billet home or in the study-hall at TD Place Arena.

67s-logo-mini Billeting Program:

Billet families are an essential and invaluable part of the Ottawa 67’s organization.
All 67’s players live in a safe, home-away-from-home environment provided by billet families that care about the player’s well-being. We ask that the player living with each billet family be treated like any other member of the family. All of our billet families understand the demands placed upon an elite player at the rink and they take pride in their responsibility of assisting you in your pursuit of success. The billet/player relationship is one of the most important factors in the success of a player in his time with our team.

Billet Families provide each player with a single or double bed, dresser & closet space. Families provide players with a suitable private area with good light and desk space for studying & homework. Parking space should be provided for players that own a vehicle (note: not all players will have vehicles).

Billets make sure there is a variety of nutritious food items in the household for the player to make his own breakfast and lunch. Food preferences should be discussed between the player and the billet family before the season and readdressed over the course of the year.

Billets are carefully screened to determine suitability. We consider their proximity to the player’s school, the rink, pet and food allergies, the number of children in the household and many other factors that are important to parents. Prospective billet families are sent an information package from the Ottawa 67’s explaining the expectations of their role. Only after a home inspection is completed and a background check is conducted on every adult living in the home, will a family be considered a prospective billet. In addition, all billeting families undergo a mental health awareness workshop provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association, to provide them with material on how to cope with athletes that may be suffering from high stress & anxiety levels.

Ottawa 67’s Academic Education Program:
The Ottawa 67’s (and the Ontario Hockey League) provide a minimum of (1) year of financial support towards tuition, books & compulsory fees of an undergraduate degree for each complete season with the hockey club at any post-secondary institution in North America including college, university, trade schools, police academy, etc. Scholarships are centrally administered through the Ontario Hockey League.

Ottawa 67’s Education Program:
There are two types of student-athletes on our club; the High-School and the Graduate player. At the start of every season, each player is expected to complete (or update) his personal OHL Professional Development Plan, with assistance from our Academic Advisor, Eileen Duffin, so to ensure that each individual’s academic plans and professional goals are clearly defined and attainable.

High-School Player:
All Ottawa 67’s High-School players attend Blyth Academy or their respective Ottawa-region home school. Players receive direct support from Mrs. Duffin, throughout their OHL Careers. Mrs. Duffin works with the guidance department, the player, and his family to arrange for enrollment in the appropriate courses. She will also work with the player’s home school guidance department in arranging for his courses for the second semester, so that once the Ottawa 67’s season is completed, he can make a smooth transition to his home school. Mrs. Duffin has regular communication with the player’s parents to ensure they are kept aware of their son’s progress at high school.

Graduate Player:
The Ottawa 67’s encourage all Graduate players, who have completed high school, to continue their personal & professional development. Therefore, we promote that each athlete enrolls in courses at a certified College, University or Trade School upon graduation.

Ottawa is fortunate to have access to conveniently located Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. In addition, players have the opportunity to attend Algonquin College, or a trade school of their choice. Consistently, each individual’s academic plans are tailored to their own specific goals & requests. While playing in the league, all costs related to education will be covered by the Hockey Club (inc. Tuition, Books, Compulsory Fees) and does NOT impact each player’s individual OHL Standard Player Agreement. The team also provides professional tutoring support to any player requesting assistance.