Prospect Information

Players Life with the Ottawa 67’s


67’s players live in a safe, home-away-from-home environment provided by billet families that care about the player’s wellbeing.  They understand the rigorous demands placed upon an elite player at the rink and they provide everything else that’s need to help the player cope and flourish as a well-rounded individual. The Ottawa 67’s are sincerely grateful to all the billet families for opening their homes to our players.  The billet/player relationship is one of the most important factors in the success of a player in his time with our team.

Billet Families Provide:

  • Single or double bed with a good mattress, dresser & closet space
  • Suitable private area with good light and desk space for studying & homework
  • Parking space should be provided for players that own a vehicle (note: not all players will have vehicles)

Billets make sure there is a variety of nutritious food items in the household for the player to make his own breakfast and lunch.  Food preferences should be discussed between the player and the billet family before the season and readdressed over the course of the year.  The billet family is also required to include the player in the evening meal to foster a family environment.  Should the player not be home for the meal, he is expected to notify the billet with as much advance notice as possible.

Billets are carefully screened to determine suitability.  We also consider their proximity to the player’s school, whether or not they have pets, the number of children and many other matters that are important for parents to know.  Prospective billet families are sent an information package from the Ottawa 67’s explaining the expectations of their role. Only after a home inspection is completed and a background check is conducted on every adult living in the home will a family be considered a prospective billet. 

At the end of Training Camp in August, a gathering is held where new players and their families are invited to meet their potential billet family and have dinner together.  After the dinner, it’s recommend that the player and his family go to the billet’s home and see where the player will be staying.


“Our son has found playing for a great organization like the 67’s a great opportunity. Playing in front of great fans like the sixty sevens fans has been a great experience for our son as well as for our family.  We truly enjoy getting up to a great city like Ottawa and catching the games at TD Place.  The place can really rock.”

“Being in a city like Ottawa with Carleton University, University of Ottawa and Algonquin College gave our son a great deal of choices for his post-high school studies. The Academic Advisor was great helping us deal with making these decisions.  We appreciate the opportunity he has been given to grow as a person, a student and an athlete.” 

“The Billet experience has been very positive for our son and it gave him an opportunity to meet a wonderful family and their kids.  They truly support him and we are thankful that he was given this opportunity to grow as an athlete and a person with such a caring family.” 

 “Our son has had the pleasure of playing for two teams in the OHL , coming to Ottawa has been the best experience for him by far and for us as parents as well. The 67’s are one of the most professional franchises both on and off the ice in the entire CHL”.

“Player development, education and most importantly life skills are areas that I feel will benefit any player that chooses to come to this organization. A first class hockey club in first class city, Ottawa has both.”

High School, University and College

The Ottawa 67’s strongly support each player in his quest to achieve academic success as well as athletic success.  The Ottawa 67’s are fortunate to have a volunteer Academic Advisor who assists the players with their educational requirements. 

Eileen Duffin maintains contact with all high school level players and is often present at Blyth Academy, the private school the players attend. The team also provides tutors should players require assistance to help them keep up with their schoolwork.   Mrs. Duffin works with the guidance department, the player, and his family to arrange for the courses that he wants to take so he is ready for school on the first day.  They will also work with the player’s home school guidance department is arranging for his courses for the second semester so that once hockey in Ottawa is done, he can attend his home school taking the same subjects. 

Mrs. Duffin also has regular communication with the player’s parents to ensure they are kept aware of their son’s progress at high school. 

Mrs. Duffin, has recently retired after a 30 year teaching career in Quebec, Germany and, for the last 18 years, at Canterbury High School in Ottawa.  She has been a department head, coach and mentor. She is a lifelong hockey lover and understands the challenges that hockey players have in balancing playing and education. 

Ottawa is very lucky to have two conveniently located universities (Carleton University and U Ottawa) and a college (Algonquin College) for players to attend.  Assistance with course selection, and enrolment is available to any of our post-secondary players who request it.  The Ottawa 67’s and the Ontario Hockey League, encourage players who have completed high school to enroll at university or college to continue their education.


Paul Huggins works in partnership with HMI, Hockey Ministries International to provide chaplaincy to Ottawa 67’s players. This voluntary program provides the players an opportunity to explore questions of life, hockey and faith in a trusting and fun environment.  Bringing more than a decade of sports chaplaincy experience to the table, Paul also does whatever he can to help the players achieve their personal goals, provide life coaching, and assist in the cohesion and unity of the team.  

Paul holds meetings several times a month and players are welcomed to attend, should they choose.

Gym and Workouts

The Ottawa 67’s players have a membership to local gyms as well as gym memberships to a major chain of fitness centres throughout Ontario to allow the players to continue their training after the hockey season while they are back at home with the family. 

The players also have access to our weight room before and after ice sessions. The weight room is used for short workouts and pre and post-game routines


The Ottawa 67’s have a nutritionist, Rick Payant of the Natural Food Pantry. Rick is available to meet with players one-on-one to discuss meal plans and eating habits. Rick also offers this service to any billet that is interested. He will also do a seminar at the start of the season with our team as a group, will consult the coaching staff on meal plans while the team is on the road and provides the team with protein shakes in our dressing room and for road games.


Weekday practice times are held after high school to ensure that the players miss as little school as possible.  Weekend practices are held Saturday mornings.

Ice time is available before and after practices for players to work on individual skills. The coaching staff will set out drills for each player to work on during the season that will help players with areas that need improvement. A member of the coaching staff will be on the ice during these times to monitor the players.

Skating Coach

Mark Power is the skating coach for the Ottawa Senators and will work with our players twice a month during the season on skating stride, edge work and balance. 


The Ottawa 67’s hockey club has a video station in our dressing room where players can look at each game that has been cataloged for their viewing. Team video sessions will be conducted weekly as well as one-on-one video session with players.

Hazing Policy

Team bonding is an element in developing a positive feeling among members of any team sport.  However, there is a distinct difference between team bonding and hazing.  Hazing is a practice that is not tolerated buy the Ontario Hockey League or the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club.  It is the position of the OHL and the 67’s that each player joining the league is welcomed in a professional and dignified manner.

Player Development

It is the responsibility of the Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club to provide an environment with proper resources and instruction for players to reach their potential on and off the ice. It is the players’ responsibility to be dedicated, disciplined and committed to work hard in order to achieve their goals. 

Ottawa – Canada’s Capital City 

Ottawa is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the country to live.  Its population of approximately one-million also ranks at the top of the list for highest average per capital income for large Canadian cities. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are not even in the top-10.

Ottawa is located on the banks of the Ottawa River, which divides the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in the area. The mouths of the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal are both located here and have played a major part in the history of Ottawa. 

Diversity characterises Ottawa. While English and French are the predominate languages, you will hear many others spoken on the streets. About 25 percent of the city’s residents are born in other countries, and more than 20 percent of residents are visible minorities. You can enjoy this multicultural diversity in the shops, restaurants and neighbourhoods throughout the city. 

Ottawa’s natural environment is a very large part of its identity. The Rideau Canal, which runs right by the Arena at TD Place, our home rink,  is the world’s largest skating rink and is used by Ottawa residents and visitors alike. The city has 850 parks, including our own onsite 18-acre Lansdowne Park, that contribute to Ottawa’s green character.

Ottawa honours a long tradition of Canadian culture and history in the many world-class institutions in the city: the National Arts Centre, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, and the National Gallery of Canada, to name just a few. Ottawa is well known as a festival city, boasting over 45 major festivals taking place each year including Folk Fest which is here at Lansdowne.

From its beginnings as a lumber town, it had a rough and boisterous reputation to becoming Canada’s Capital in 1857; from its fascinating and secret Cold War history to its modern multiculturalism, Ottawa has a fascinating and unexpected story. 

Ottawa is a cosmopolitan city that is culturally and ethnically diverse. The eclectic mix of downtown sophistication and country relaxation means that there is always something to surprise and delight visitors and residents. Many of our neighbourhoods are a treat to the eyes and ears and offer a wide variety of things to discover. 

  • Lansdowne – Ottawa’s new downtown sports and entertainment district with shops, restaurants, bars, TD Place and much more
  • Downtown – the historic and architecturally stunning seat of government and centre of the city 
  • ByWard Market – eclectic shopping, cobblestone alleys, exciting bars and restaurants and Canada’s oldest farmer’s market 
  • Little Italy – a delectable Italian experience famous for its heritage and cuisine 
  • Somerset Chinatown– an enchanting Asian voyage right in Ottawa 
  • Manotick – a charming historic waterfront village 
  • Rockcliffe – a beautiful, leafy neighbourhood with stately homes and embassies, including the Prime    Minister’s and Governor General’s residences 

These are just a few special districts to visit, when in Ottawa, for their ambience, history, shops and cuisine. 

Gatineau Park 

This extensive conservation park is just 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and the heart of the Capital. Immerse yourself in nature at Gatineau Park,  and discover the Park’s stunning natural features, unique plants and wildlife. Check out the beautiful heritage sites and enjoy the tranquility of being in nature. Conservation is a priority in Gatineau Park. In keeping with this, we encourage outdoor recreation activities that are respectful of the environment. In this outdoor paradise you can take part in a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, swimming, skiing, cycling and more.