Lansdowne Revitalization Q & A

The Ottawa 67’s are temporarily moving to Canadian Tire Centre (CTC) for their home games during the Lansdowne Park reconstruction.  We will play at CTC in the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons, and then return to Lansdowne and TD Place for 2014-15.


Q: Why are you doing this?

 A: To ensure our fans can watch our home games in comfort and safety while the Lansdowne rejuvenation project is in the construction phase.

Q: Have you always planned to move to CTC during construction?

 A: No.  Until recently, we planned to continue playing at TD Place but delays in the start of the project have compressed the construction timeline and they now need a closed-site to meet their completion date of Spring, 2014.

 Q: Why is it so important to open in Spring 2014?

 A: An operational stadium in 2014 is a prerequisite for Ottawa being awarded games for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which will generate millions of dollars of economic activity in our city.   It will also enable us to kick-off our NASL soccer and CFL football teams as planned.

 Q: Will 67’s tickets cost more in Canadian Tire Centre?

 A: No.  There will be no price increases during our stay there.


Q: As a public transit user, how do I get to Canadian Tire Centre?  

 A: OC Transpo offers Connexion 400 service to Canadian Tire Centre from across the city.  Visit OC Transpo for more information on it.


Q: Will parking at CTC be charged at the same rate as NHL games?

 A: No.  CTC has provided 67’s fans with a 30% discount on their regular rate.


Q: Will home games still be on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons?

 A: We’ll try to have as many games as possible on those days but it’s quite likely we’ll have games on other days as well due to the fact that CTC has many more bookings than the Civic Centre ever had.


Q: When will the schedule be announced?

 A: We expect it will be announced, as usual, sometime in June.  However, the scheduling process is now more complex.


 Take a quick peak at the new Lansdowne by clicking here.