10 Reasons You Need to be at Dunder Mifflin Night

On Friday, January 18 we will be hosting the first ever Dunder Mifflin Night! We’ll be paying homage to the hit TV series ‘The Office’ all game long and here’s why you need to be here for it:

1. The Office jerseys

No theme game is complete without a special jersey! The boys will be sporting ‘The Office’ jerseys for one night only!



2. Trivia!

Are you the biggest Office fan you know? Prove it! We’ll be running Office trivia during the intermissions to determine who the biggest fan of ‘The Office’ is in Ottawa!

And if you win you have our approval to walk around like this for the rest of the night.

3. Specialty theme ‘The Office’ menu items


4. Player Dundies

Throughout the game we will be awarding our players with special Dundies. You’ll get to learn who the biggest clown is, who’s the toughest, who has the nicest flow, and more! All recipients were voted by their teammates.

5. In game clips!

We’ve got a list of clips from ‘The Office’ that we will use in game to react to what is going on in real time!

6. Flonkerton

What is Flonkerton you ask? According to Jim and Pam it is the national sport of Icelandic paper companies, known in English as ‘Box of Paper Snowshoe racing” and we’ll be playing it at the game during the intermission! Not sure how to play? See below!


7. Friday Night Live specials

You can get a ticket to Dunder Mifflin Night for only $20 and each ticket comes with a tall can of Bud or Bud Light!

You might be asking yourself “are they serious with that deal?” and to that we’d say

8. Bears, Beets, Beat the Petes

We’ll be hosting the Peterborough Petes on Dunder Mifflin Night. The Petes are our division rival so both team’s will be playing their best looking for the big win. How do we feel about the Petes?

9. World Junior players return home

67’s Sasha Chmelevski and Michael DiPietro will make their first appearances at home since departing for the World Junior’s at Dunder Mifflin Night!

10. This video

If this video doesn’t make you want to come to Dunder Mifflin Night we don’t know what will.



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