67’s Represented at NHL Combine

The Ottawa 67’s were represented by four players at the 2018 NHL scouting combine in Buffalo last week.

Kevin Bahl (29th ranked NA skater by NHL Central Scouting), Kody Clark (34th ranked NA skater by NHL Central Scouting), Mitchell Hoelscher (62nd ranked NA skater by NHL Central Scouting) and Carter Robertson (78th ranked NA skater by NHL Central Scouting) all traveled south of the border to showcase their abilities off of the ice.

At the combine players interview with NHL teams interested in learning about a players mental capacity and what makes them ‘tick’. Although we are not privy to the results of the interview process 67’s defenceman Kevin Bahl had a whopping 23 interviews with pro clubs who may consider drafting him at the end of this month. In addition players are also put through rigorous fitness testing to showcase their athleticism. Members of the 67’s placed Top 10 in multiple categories, they are as follows.

Wingate Cycle Ergometer Test – The athlete warms up by pedalling at a low resistance for two minutes. When given the start command, the player will perform the following intervals while seated.

Mean Power Output (watts/kg)

10. Kody Clark – 15.8

Fatigue Index

4. Kevin Bahl – 17.1

Bench Press – Conducted using a standard padded bench with the athlete lifting 50% of his body weight (pre-determined) utilizing free weights (including the barbell). The athlete lies on his back on the bench and grips the barbell with thumbs approximately shoulder width apart. The buttocks must remain on the bench with the feet on the floor. The starting position is with the arms fully extended. The bar is lowered to the chest, after a slight pause, athlete pushes the bar as quickly as possible until their arms are fully extended. Each athlete will perform three reps at maximum velocity, with a slight pause between each rep at the chest position. A “Gym Aware” device will be used to measure the velocity of the bar and the athlete’s ability to produce power. The reported score will be measured in watts/kg.

50% of Body Weight (Power – watts/kg)

6. Kevin Bahl – 7.3

10. Mitchell Hoelscher – 7.11

Wingspan – Athlete extends his arms straight out to the sides. Wingspan is measured to the nearest quarter inch from the middle finger tip to middle finger tip.

1. Kevin Bahl – 81.75

Pull Ups – Athlete does as many consecutive pull ups they can while maintaining the correct technique.

Pull Ups Consecutive (max #)

10. Mitchell Hoelscher – 13

Standing Long Jump – Athlete stands with feet slightly apart with toes behind the jumping line. Using an arm swing to assist, the athlete jumps as far as possible.

7. Carter Robertson – 111.5

Aerobic Fitness VO2max – Aerobic fitness is assessed by measuring the amount of oxygen utilized (VO2 max) during maximal exercise employing volume determination and analysis of expired air. In addition, heart rate is monitored continuously, providing data for heartrate-based training. This test will be performed on a professional grade spin bike (Watt Bike) cycle ergometer using a Cortex Metalyzer VO2 cart.

The end point is determined by either:
a) the athlete physically stops pedalling
b) the athlete experiences difficulty breathing or chest pain or
c) the appraiser stops the subject because the athlete can no longer maintain the required rpm despite intense effort.

Test Duration

4. Kevin Bahl -16:10

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