A special Happy Mother’s Day to our billet moms!

This Mother’s Day we wanted to highlight the hardworking and caring billet moms of the Ottawa 67’s organization. A home away from home, our billet moms provide care for our players, we are forever grateful for what they do for the boys.

We had the chance to chat with two of our billet moms and they told us a little more about what it means to them to be a billet mom.

Shawleen & Stephen Robinson – Thomas Johnson and Adam Varga’s Billet Mom 

How long have you billeted for? Funny how this day stands out in a pretty emotional day. Zenon Kinopka moved in on 9/11, over 19 years ago.

Well since we don’t have any children ourselves, it means a lot to us to watch these boys turn into young men and knowing you helped them mature.

If you ask the players, it’s the meals, we try to feed them a healthy meal for supper. But obviously, we’re here to provide a healthy environment but mentally and physically. Thus in turn lets them concentrate on hockey and school.

Our favourite part of billeting is to watch these kids come in being very shy and conservative, to them become confident person and outgoing. And then continue to watch them grow even more with their young families.

To be a billet family, you have to have time to prepare the players a healthy meal and to be able to lend emotional and physical support. Sometimes the players need to talk to someone instead of their parents.

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Mary Gracie – Cam Tolnai and Teddy Sawyer’s Billet Mom

How long have you been a billet mom for the 67’s?: Five Years
What does it mean to you to be a billet mom? More family, more fun, fuller dinner table.
What’s the most important thing for you to provide to the player? A comfy place to relax (a comfy place to call home, relax).
What’s your favourite part about billeting? playing a part in these wonderful player’s lives, (and watching everyone in my own family help out and enjoy the experience too).
Advice for those interested in being a billet mom? Get in touch with Eileen!!
A note from Cam 
If I was to describe a perfect billet mom, it would be Mary. From the moment I arrived at my billet house, I felt at home and was welcomed with a big hug. Mary is like a second mother to me and ensures that Teddy and I have everything we need. Mary supports us at every home game and goes out of her way to make us amazing food every night. Thank you Mary for everything you have done for Teddy, Matt, and I over the last two years and I can’t wait to be back watching Survivor with you and the family.
A Note from Teddy
I am so fortunate to have Mary as my billet mom. She is such an amazing person and I can’t explain how appreciative I am for all she has done for me. Happy Mother’s Day!!
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