Sunshine, drinks and food, the long weekend is here!

The long weekend is here and our beverage partners want to ensure that you have the best drink and food pairings on the menu to enjoy at home this year! With it being the unofficial start of the cottage and summer season, these pairings are going to make you want to sit outside and enjoy the sun!


A Budweiser and burger first met in 1904 and have been great together ever since. How have they lasted so long? Because the taste of a burger and a Beechwood aged Bud is perfectly balanced and this spring Budweiser wants to make sure every beer drinker in Canada is introduced to this power couple. To make every table sizzle this long weekend, Budweiser recommends your choice of delicious burgers to all backyard barbecues and pair them with an ice cold Bud. So be sure to take some time to fire up that grill and experience the perfect pairing to really get your summer going.



This bold H3 Cabernet Sauvignon opens with flavors of black cherries and blackberries with a touch of currants and vanilla, complemented by earth and mineral notes. Deep berry flavors that lead to a soft tannin cocoa finish make it perfectly paired with fish and grilled vegetables – we recommend Wild Alaska Pollack and kale, butternut squash, and cranberries. Check out our direct order site, Instagram and Facebook for more information!



Grab a Pepsi and a bag of Lay’s (or two!) – the perfect side to anything coming off the grill. Pair refreshing classics like Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar, 7Up, or Schweppes Ginger Ale with your BBQ creations and enjoy a safe and happy May Long Weekend at home!



Peach lovers, we’ve got your back. Twisted Tea Peach (yes, it’s NEW!) combines real brewed tea with the refreshing flavor of your favorite fruit. Heading to a BBQ, the golf course, or the beach? Reach for the Peach! For the May Long Weekend, pair Twisted Tea Peach with our very own Peach Back Ribs!



Looking for some motivation to help you push through those tedious backyard chores this weekend? The Red Bull Yellow Edition is the perfect sidekick to get you through those tasks quickly & efficiently, so you can start enjoying your patio sooner! Once the chores are done, enjoy this treat with a meal at home. We recommend Baja Fish Taco’s, served with a lime-crema, avocados and a zingy cabbage slaw. You will find yourself drifting away with the exotic fruity notes of the Red Bull Yellow Edition to your own tropical paradise.



Aperol’s signature cocktail, the Aperol Spritz has an unmistakable orange hue and is a lively drink that evokes the Italian lifestyle from the aperitivo hour after work to an evening on the piazza.  The Aperol Spritz is growing in popularity and Aperol is recognized one of the fastest growing spirits in Canada.  The Aperol Spritz is easy to make at home and is a delicious low alcohol option for your summer enjoyment.  To ensure a perfect cocktail each time, just follow these simple steps:  start with a large wine glass, filled to the top with ice (more ice keeps your cocktail colder, longer and actually slows down your drink getting watery!) Add your prosecco first, a nice even pour for around 3 seconds, then add your Aperol in equal amount to your prosecco, about 2 ounces.  Then add a splash of soda, only around an ounce to help bring out the carbonation of the prosecco! Stir to combine,  ensure the drink does not appeared ‘layered’ and you have one uniform colour for one uniform flavour! And finally, add an orange slice for garnish, and enjoy!  And what should you enjoy an Aperol Spritz with? Anything salty, crunchy and crispy! The bitter sweet refreshing taste of an Aperol Spritz pairs perfectly with chips, olives, crostini with various toppings, cheese and cured meats like prosciutto & salami or even pizza!

Aperol Spritz

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