Ottawa 67’s STOP Program

STOP Head-Shots … Prevent Concussions!

It’s a constant concern for hockey moms and dads. A hit from behind…a crash into the boards and a concussion that takes their son or daughter out of the game and into a lengthy period of fog, sickness and misery. The Ottawa 67’s have revived a program that’s aimed at reducing concussions by giving players a reminder that the hit they’re about to throw can cause serious injury.  It’s a simple STOP sign sticker that goes on the back of the helmet.

Every minor hockey team that joins us on a game day for a Mini Team game, Bench Experience or a Future Stars event will receive STOP sign stickers for the back of their helmets.  Our stickers are CSA approved and 67’s approved for the cause. Our goal is to see as many of these STOP signs on minor hockey as we can.  If we stop just one player from getting hurt, it’s worth the effort.

For more information or to book a Mini-Team Match, Bench Experience or a Future Stars date, please contact:

Luke Denley – 613.232.6767 x249 –