Ep.67. The One Where the Barber Poles Take on the Petes

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The show FRIENDS is one of the greatest shows of all time. So, on October 18th, join us at The Arena at TD Place as we transport to New York and the Central Perk… and into the world of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler Bing. We want to see everyone, from those who watched when it first aired to those Netflix binge-ers (did you know if you If you watched 8 hours a day of FRIENDS you’d be finished within 2 weeks?). Follow along as we outline all the different reasons why you need to be here on October 18th.

1. FRIENDS: Of course this is reason number 1. The show itself is a classic. No matter how many times, Ross and Rachel go on a break or Joey fails an audition or Phoebe releases a new “song” the show brings us through all the ups and downs and makes us feel like we are truly apart of the gang. This game we want to celebrate the group of people who made Friends the best show ever. Did you also know it’s also Ross’ Birthday October 18th?

2. FRIENDS-inspired Menu: We have an entire menu of Friends inspired food to make you feel like you are right there in Central Perk. Think Joey’s Famous Meatball Sandwich or Ross’s Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich…

3. FRIENDS Video Wall Photo Booth: Take a picture with your favorite character or favorite Friends scene. We’re transforming one of our video screens into the ultimate Friends selfie wall. We’ll be checking Instagram so make sure you post all your best shots and tag @ott67s.


4. FRIENDS Trivia: Think you have what it takes? Will you be crowned the biggest Friends fan? Find out in game when we have our very own FRIENDS Trivia. Would you be able to tell us the name of Pheobe’s sister? Or maybe who Ross leaves at the alter on their wedding day? Get refreshed on all things Friends.

5- FRIENDS Ticket Package: It’s Friday which means we’re offering fans an awesome deal on tickets. The Friday Night Live ticket is $20 and includes a ticket in our general admission section AND a drink ticket. Sounds awesome right? Grab your crew and we’ll see you at the game! Maybe even check out the brand-spanking new Barbershop area inside The Arena at TD Place.

6. FRIENDS Inspired Jerseys: Yes the team will be wearing FRIENDS-inspired alternate jerseys. We’ll give you a sneak peek soon. They’re gunna blow your mind!

You don’t want to miss this!



Need a little Friends refresher? Here’s 236 seconds of Friends by Warner Bros.

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